LIGHT THE CANNONS | FALLING MOOSE | SEMPF – Thursday May 4 – 8:00pm – Drafthouse Hamburg



Light The Cannons are a four-piece alternative rock band from across Europe based in Hamburg, Germany. Light The Cannons channel various lyrical themes through an equally colorful musical palette, delivering catchy songs with anthemic choruses, all filtered through a healthy dose of dark humor and pop sensibility.


Falling Moose focus on the entirety of rock music of the last century – and serve themselves like at an all you can eat buffet. Everything from harmonic classic rock to soulful pop to screaming guitar solos and rousing hard rock refrains ends up on their plate. The result is a dish that has the flavor of older rock music, but becomes unique as soon as you start devouring it with a ladle.


Something between punk, indie and pop punk from Hamburg, since 2020.

This Sempf is produced semi-professionally, relies on natural ingredients and is produced locally in Hamburg. Lastenradlieferbar certified and quasi organic. But so right! This also pleases every house person in Eppendorf. Founded in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic found these 5 ingredients together to be loud, left and drunk.