ACID HEAD | ØLGOD – April 30 – Drafthouse Hamburg

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Dark, poetic, hard – opposites that attract each other and unite Acid Head from Hamburg to a unique musical genre mix. The four-man combo convinces with joy of playing and brute live show, which could not be more sinister and hypnotizing. Thus, the band has already made a name for itself in northern Germany and played its way through various clubs. With Torben Burmeister on guitar, Tobias Kohl on drums, Robin de Winter on bass and Thomas Madejewski as voice and poet, experienced, passionate musicians have found each other with one goal: To take the listeners on a dark journey. With the mixture of hard, melodic riffs and profound, German lyrics, Acid Head is a band that can only show its full potential live.
Acid Head thus tread completely new paths of metal.


Ølgod is a three-piece sludge/doom band from Kiel, Germany, formed in 2020. If you’re looking for fancy guitar solos or complex songwriting, you’re not in good hands here. Ølgod simply riffs their asses off!